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Visual Novels

Visual Novels, often abbreviated as VN, are interactive fiction video games, featuring text-based story with narrative style of literature and interactivity aided by static or sprite-based visuals. Game2Text includes a text hooker application to extract text from visual novels.


Visual Novel hooking is available only on Windows.

Select application

In the toolbar, click Visual Novel Hooker.


Type and select your application.

If you're not sure what your application's process name is, launch Window's Task Manager and look for your game.

Select hook

Continue with your game until text appears.

Successfully found hooks will be shown and you can select them.


Now that the the game is hooked, text will be automatically extracted without needing to draw on the game for image recognition.

Troubleshooting: missing dialog

Sometimes the game will have multiple hooks and you may need to change the hooks for certain dialog.

Troubleshooting: architecture mismatch

If the Textractor logs says architecture mismatch, it means that this game requires a 64 bit version Texthooker. Download the latest 64 bit version of Textractor and replace the files TextractorCLI and texthook.dll in game2text/resources/bin/win/textractor/.