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Hotkeys can greatly improve your productivity. Use them to refresh OCR or add cards to Anki while you're playing the game!

Default Hotkeys

Action Windows MacOS Linux
Refresh OCR Ctrl-Q Cmd-B Ctrl-Q
Add to Anki Shift-E Shift-E Shift-E
Record Audio Ctrl-L Cmd-L Ctrl-L

Change Hotkeys

To change hotkeys, click Settings and select the Hotkeys tab.

The format for action keys is <action> as in <ctrl> and <shift> and you can combine keys with +.

For example, on Windows, Control-B is <ctrl>+b and Shift-Alt-P is <shift>+<alt>+p.

On Mac, Command-B is <cmd>+b.


Hotkey changes only take effect upon restarting Game2Text.