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Create Anki Cards

Connect to Anki

Game2Text connects to Anki through AnkiConnect. To install that, copy the addon code on AnkiConnect's website and add it to your Anki program.


The AnkiConnect addon is required for Game2Text to connect to Anki.

With Anki running, in Game2Text click Anki.


Anki Setup

Select the Deck for the cards to be added to and their card Model. If you don't see your decks or models, click Reload at the bottom.

When you select your card model, your model table will be shown and you can select the corresponding values for each field.


Here is what each value does.

Name Description
sentence text extracted from the game
selected word words you highlighted
reading reading of the selected word if it's a dictionary entry
glossary definition of the selected word if it's a dictionary entry
audio recorded audio of the game
screenshot screenshot of the game when the text was extracted

Create an Anki Card

Click Logs to open the logs window.


Hover over a log to view its Anki card.


Highlight a phrase to select it. Nouns are directly added, while conjugated verbs and adjectives will be replaced by its base form.

If the phrase is a dictionary entry, other fields such as glossary, reading (furigana), and word audio will be added.


Click Save to Anki or the keyboard shortcut Shift-E to add this card.


You can also add cards to anki by highlighting words in the main window. This makes adding cards to Anki super fast by holding shift to show words through Yomichan and pressing E to immediately add them.