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Persona 5


Language Diffculty - Medium

Game Subtitles Voiced Furigana Platform Game Font
Persona 5 JP/EN Scenes Only PS4 スランプ
Persona 5 Royal JP/EN Scenes Only PS4, PS5 スランプ


The game version determines the subtitle language. You must buy the Japanese version for Japanese subtitles.

OCR Accuracy - Low

Text recognition for Persona 5 is not that great with default Tesseract models. You might get better results with models trained with the スランプ font.

That being said, there's a partial game script for Persona 5.

Persona 5 Game Script

The Persona 5 game script can help you improve your OCR result by game script matching. Learn more about game script matching with Game2Text.

Download Script


A significant portion of game dialog is not included in this game script